Biscuit Mixes
Three base mixes—countless fabulous flavors.

We offer a multi-bag discount of any combination of scone and/or biscuit mixes: 4 for $36 or $2 for $18!

Southern Style Biscuit:

Original Recipe BiscuitSouthern Style Biscuit Mix is just as versatile as our Original Recipe Scone Mix. Similar to our scone mix, but made with less sugar, its savory variations (cheese, herbs, garlic, pestos) make a great accompaniment to soups and stews. Baked “plain” for breakfast, it also makes the perfect southern breakfast of biscuits and gravy.
Net weight 1 lb 2.48 oz
$9.25 per bag

Oatmeal Biscuit:

Original Oatmeal BiscuitOatmeal Biscuit Mix has all the characteristics of its scone mix counterpart. It is the perfect base for savory variations (cheeses, sundried tomatoes, garlic, herbs), resulting in a hearty and filling biscuit accompaniment to soups and stews.
Net Weight 1 lb 2.62 oz
$9.25 per bag

Cornmeal Biscuit:

Cornmeal BiscuitCornmeal Biscuit Mix coming soon!
$9.25 per bag