Biscuit Mixes

Our biscuit mixes are Kosher.
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We offer a multi-bag discount of any combination of scone and/or biscuit mixes: 4 for $36 or $2 for $18!

Original Recipe Biscuit:

Original Recipe BiscuitOriginal Recipe Biscuit Mix is just as versatile as it’s counterpart (Original Recipe Scone Mix). Made with less sugar, its savory variations (cheese, herbs, garlic, pestos) make a great accompaniment to soups and stews. Baked “plain” for breakfast, it also makes the perfect southern breakfast of biscuits and gravy.
Net weight 1 lb 2.48 oz
$9.25 per bag

Original Oatmeal Biscuit:

Original Oatmeal BiscuitOriginal Oatmeal Biscuit Mix has all the characteristics of its scone mix counterpart. It is the perfect base for savory variations (cheeses, sundried tomatoes, garlic, herbs), resulting in a hearty and filling biscuit accompaniment to soups and stews.
Net Weight 1 lb 2.62 oz
$9.25 per bag