You love to bake scones from scratch, so WHY would you use a scone mix?

August 15, 2010

This was one of the main questions I had when I first began Victorian House Scones. Scones are, after all, fairly easy to bake (all the books say so). And with so many recipes out there, really--how difficult can this be?

Well--I learned, (and I am certain many of you did as well), that finding the perfect scone recipe really wasn't that simple. I can't tell you how many recipes I tried over the years, and how many batches of scones I threw away (and how many fat squirrels and birds I had in my yard during that time). Even my teenagers refused to eat some of those early attempts--and we all know teens will eat anything!

Finally, finally I found something I liked, and began to develop different flavors --thus the early foundations of Victorian House Scones were laid. But baking good scones is still a far cry from manufacturing scone mix, and marketing that mix to individuals as well as to other businesses.

There is a sense of pride in being able to put something on your table each day and state "I made this"--and mean that. You made it by choosing each individual ingredient within that item, putting them together in the proper order (and with a certain amount of love and pride added), and then baking them to the peak of perfection. We "get that" here at Victorian House Scones--we get the pride, the pleasure in the creative process, and the satisfaction of watching your creation be appreciated and then gobbled up, with nary a crumb left on the plate. We also know that you can bake the same recipe day in and day out, week after week--each batch is good, but some are exceptional.

We strive to ensure that each batch of our scones is exceptional. We provide our scone mix in "single batch, single bowl" packaging--whether it be our retail packaging, or our wholesale, commercial bags. Each ingredient is weighed out and added to the individual bag--and then each bag is weighed when finished to ensure that we haven't inadvertently omitted anything. We guarantee that each bag of mix is accurate and consistent to within 0.5% of the next bag--and by mixing up the entire bag as a single batch (and then following our directions to freeze the dough), we can help you guarantee absolute consistency in each batch of scones you bake. We absolutely believe that by keeping our manufacturing process truly artisan, with no mechanization, we maintain our claim that by using our mix, you are still baking from scratch.

So why, if you love to bake scones from scratch, would you ever use a scone mix? Because sometimes it is nice to let someone else do all the precise, critical measuring, and let you enjoy the fun, creative part of the process.

Happy scone making!

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