Fantasy vs. Daily Reality

March 12, 2010

Some days I think that if I didn't have a fantasy life, I wouldn't have any life at all! I've said this off and on for years, particularly at times when I'm running in multiple directions simultaneously, and feeling like I don't have a moment to call my own.

Unfortunately that seems to be more the norm than I would like. In my fantasy life, I have time every weekend morning to sit down with the paper--a pot of coffee, a plate of scones--my husband on the other side of the table--and we work our way through the paper, the coffee, and the scones--commenting on the events of the day. Fantasy--at least for me. But one of my customers recently wrote to tell me that that is precisely their Sunday morning tradition--and that the scones are just as important to that tradition as the paper.

Another customer recently added a note with her order telling me our scones have become an integral part of their Easter sunrise service--another nice image for me to think about when I wonder who is eating our scones Easter morning, and where they might be.

I realize that part of my fantasy vs. reality disconnect is that I grew up with an at-home mother. The house was clean and tidy--always. Laundry-washed, ironed and put away. Meals prepared nightly--and the kitchen spotless. Do I live that way? Are you kidding??

I long ago swore that I would be happy with what I have and where I am, and stop wishing for more. So--I may not have the Sunday paper spread across the dining room table with scones and coffee each week (well, for one thing we no longer take the paper--for another, some weeks it is hard to find the table top!)--but I do have my Sunday morning coffee delivered to me in bed. Pretty hard to argue with that! And once/week we're eating scones--or biscuits--fresh baked and hot from the oven--mine might be grabbed along with my coffee on the way out the door to work--but that's part of the beauty of our scones anyway--right??

So my question to you--what is YOUR daily reality--and how do our scones fit into that?

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