Member of Professional Association of Innkeepers

Please bookmark this page—it is only available to Innkeepers, and does not appear in our navigation bar.

Innkeepers who are members of a state or national organization receive a 5% discount on all our mixes!

This discount will not appear on your order form, but WILL be applied when we run the credit card, and will be reflected on your sales receipt. Feel free to remind us in the ‘comments’ box of the order form that you are a ‘member innkeeper’.

Wholesale Pricing:

To access our wholesale pricing, private label pricing or the order form, click on “wholesale” in the top navigation bar, choose your drop down, and use the following log-ins:
user name: wholesaleorder
password: 4sconemix

Private Label:

If you are interested in Private Label, we offer a special for innkeepers. Using your logo and images, our designer will create labels for one or two mixes (either different flavors or different sizes) for $35. The design fee also includes creation of the “Variations on Original Mixes” and “Freezing Directions” recipe cards with your logo/name. If you choose to private label more sizes or flavors than that, the fee rises to $50.00. This is a nearly 40% discount of our normal design fee. We will also reduce the minimum order (applies only to private label—NO minimum order on anything under our label) to a dozen (12) bags of mix.


After indulging in warm delicious scones for breakfast, our guests jump at the chance to take home “our” Antlers on the Creek scone mixes … one such guest bought 12 bags as gifts! Debbie & Victorian House Scones are a joy to work with and I absolutely love the label they designed for us!
Susan Barrett, owner
Antlers on the Creek

Call or email us with any specific questions you might have about our mixes or private label. We look forward to working with you!